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updated 6/2/03

Welcome to the Woodward GTO Tigers' new Tech Page.  This page will be used to share technical tips/tricks that were submitted by our members.  If you would like to add an article to this page, or would like permission to reproduce them in any way, please e-mail the Webmaster.

Submitted by John Sawruk
Pontiac Engineer & GM/Pontiac Historian

Replace all fuel hoses with modern fuel hose; the old fuel hose cracks from the modern fuels.
The GTO V-8 (64 to 74) is happiest with green Prestone coolant. Use distilled water to avoid salts and other minerals, 50/50 mix is appropriate. Add 2 GM sealer pellets (the factory did).
The ’64 to ’74 Pontiac V-8 does not like synthetic oil. In addition, a production engine doesn’t need more than 30W motor oil. I use 10W30 in my GT-37 (lower viscosity equals more power). Do not use 10W40, or 20W50, etc.
Don’t waste money on valve seat additives, only lead worked in the Pontiac V-8
All PCV valves are not created equal. Many valves which fit and look like a Pontiac V-8 valve have different flow. Get the correct AC PCV valve.


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