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updated 6/2/03

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Old Fuel Hose and New Fuels
Submitted by John Sawruk
Pontiac Engineer & GM/Pontiac Historian

Once again a member's story has gotten my attention. Phil Fischer, I'm glad your story didn't have a more tragic ending.

All rubber fuel lines need to be replaced with modern GM fuel hose. Older fuel line materials are not compatible with today's fuels. Catastrophic situations can result. PCV hoses, distributor vacuum hoses, power brake, distributor, A/C and headlamp diaphragms, etc. as well as fuel pumps can all be affected.

Your car may have many rubber fuel lines of different sizes. My 1971 1/2 GT-37 has 15 rubber fuel hoses of 3 different sizes. Some are in the engine compartment, some at the rear near the fuel tank. One of the hoses at the rear of the car turned to powder when we put pliers on the spring clamp to replace it.

Any part that liquid fuel,or fuel vapors touch can be affected.

A piece of new fuel hose purchased at a reputable local parts source cracked in less than a year on son, Jeff's, '69 Custom S 350 HO.

I personally would not use any car that has not had the fuel hose replaced with modern GM hose. Also, you should carry a correct spare fuel pump and gasket.

While I have your attention, here are a few other points:

''70 and later California, and all ''71, ''72 , ''73 and ''74 GTOs have evaporative emission systems. (This is one reason my car has so many rubber hoses). Most people don't realize their car with this equipment has an air filter in the base of the canister that needs to be replaced.

I am still finding that I am fixing many people's Pontiac V8 and OHC 6 oil problems by simply installing the correct AC PCV valve. Just because a PCV valve looks the same on the outside and fits the engine doesn't mean it works the same inside.

Having overheating problems? See if you vacuum advance can is working and if the system hoses are cracked (reference my fuel comments above).

John Sawruk


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