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2/15/19: The club has not been active for a number of years now.  This site is currently under maintenance as an archive.

8/16/2019: BREAKING NEWS!  A meeting is being planned to reactivate the club!  See below for the meeting date and location!

8/22/2019:  There has been a lot of chatter about the club reactivating and people wanting to join.  After the meeting on 9/7/19 and all the details have been worked out, the Membership Application will be available under the "CONTACTS" page.  This site will be updated further at that point.

9/12/2019: Per a show of hands at the 9/7/19 meeting, the club is being reactivated!  Organization of the club and the board will be discussed at the next meeting.

10/26/19: We have a new board in place!  Congratulations to Steve Whittaker being elected Club President!  The position for Club Secretary is still open.



Go to "PICTURE ARCHIVE" for pictures of meetings past!

Next Meeting:


To Be Determined